Monday, April 13, 2009

Melbourne Gateaway - Day 1

Yes, 44KM from Avalon (the el-cheappo airport)

Our Limousine pick-up ( thx to Jan)

What else you can eat for breakfast at 8am ? Sausage muffin with hash brown *gold*

The skyline of "CLOUDY" Melbourne taken from West gate bridge

Iconic Melbourne's paper

Unique building near city but I really don't know what it called

Eyes of London " wannabe" @dockland

Of course you cant miss this tower - a must visit premise in Melbourne

Lunch @ Meetball - it was pretty standard for Indo food. Nothing special but the new addition of Indo resto arround city area apart from Nelayan and Es Teler 77.

Yearly calendar of event in Melb Town hall : " Melbourne Comedy Festival "

Damm , I forgot the name of this church. Located across the flinders st station


miss d said...

hiks i miss melbourne so much... :'(

Anonymous said...

yupz!!! banyak banget yang berubah dep , it makes more liveable city tuh.