Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fish Market

The work-out

Fresh Prawn

Fishermen Basket

Drained with the Strawberry Choc-chip

Monday, April 13, 2009

Melbourne Gateaway - Day 1

Yes, 44KM from Avalon (the el-cheappo airport)

Our Limousine pick-up ( thx to Jan)

What else you can eat for breakfast at 8am ? Sausage muffin with hash brown *gold*

The skyline of "CLOUDY" Melbourne taken from West gate bridge

Iconic Melbourne's paper

Unique building near city but I really don't know what it called

Eyes of London " wannabe" @dockland

Of course you cant miss this tower - a must visit premise in Melbourne

Lunch @ Meetball - it was pretty standard for Indo food. Nothing special but the new addition of Indo resto arround city area apart from Nelayan and Es Teler 77.

Yearly calendar of event in Melb Town hall : " Melbourne Comedy Festival "

Damm , I forgot the name of this church. Located across the flinders st station

Monday, April 6, 2009


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The money can't buy:
1. Happiness
2. Time
3. Love

PS: I just knew it that you can actually post the blog from your
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

One step at the time

YES, another step to achieve my new year resolution.

Not a six figure yet but it will be eventually. By then, I can cross the new year resolution.

Had the mid week PDT and it's pretty interesting guest speaker , one of them is Jack Daly ( . He mentioned that if you want to achieve any goal , the simplest step you can take is "PUT IT IN WRITING" . I found out this is so TRUE...... what I did write last year and I achieved it.

I guessed when you writing it , you kinda put some effort and commitment towards it! It gives you a direction on what you should do. He said the next step will be break into the small little action that you can measure on with specific deadlines.

Deadlines is a MAD key word in all corporate history , do you know WHY?

Without it , ppl won't have sense of urgency and just take their time. In the environment where all been measured by profit and cost , it just doesn't add up if you work without deadlines.

Imagine this happens :

You've been given 3months to finish the assignment , what most ppl will do ?
I bet you know the answer , waited for 2 1/2 month before started to look into it. How's inefficient ?
If you have only 1day to finish it , you'll definitely start it ASAP.

I always think that my life is my own corporation. I am running my own so-called "board of director" as to what I will decide in my life . I created my own sense of urgency and deadlines on achieving my goals.